1/72 RAF Spitfire Mark V, 303 Polish Squadron


Poland was the first victim of the German Blitzkrieg in World War II. However, after the Polish defeat in 1939, Polish people did not stop resisting. Brave Poles fought against German and Soviet invaders both in Poland and overseas.

The 303 Polish Squadron of the Royal Air Force was one extraordinary example of the Polish Resistance. A great number of Polish Air Force retreated to England after the Polish defeat. In August 1940, the 303 Polish Squadron of the Royal Air Force was established with most of its pilots being Polish. During the Battle of Britain, Polish pilots and their Hawker Hurricane of the 303 shot down 126 German aircraft. After the war, the Head of RAF Fighter Command Sir Hugh Dowding wrote, "had it not been for the magnificent material contributed by the Polish squadrons and their unsurpassed gallantry, I hesitate to say that the outcome of the Battle (of Britain) would have been the same."

In 1941, the 303 Polish Squadron started converting to Supermarine Spitfires -- one of the most iconic fighter aircraft in World War II. This model resembles a Supermarine Spitfire operated by the 303 Polish Squadron in 1942. 

Despite its all-plastic construction, this model has clear details and historically correct colors. The rich details and history make this model a worthy addition to your RAF or WWII collection.