Our Story

By Aviators, for Aviators

Who are we?

We are aviators.

The people at Pilot Shop Hong Kong have different backgrounds. One thing connects us together - our love for aviation. 

W established Pilot Shop Hong Kong on 25th August 2020 to sell aviation models and souvenirs with an aim to promote aviation to the general public. We aim to be an aviation shop by aviators, for aviators. 


What do we do?

We bring aviation to you.

We run a comprehensive products line at competitive prices to . As aviators, we are passionate about aviation and we aim to bring the best aviation products to you at a competitive price.


Our Value

We are Hongkongers.

As Hongkongers, we respect, represent and preserve our history and identity. In the present times, our identity and values facing unprecedented challenges. We believe that during the darkest hours, it is imperative to preserve these values that represent us as a whole. Pilot Shop Hong Kong takes the responsibility to continue preserving the history and the spirit of Hong Kong.

We treasure the collective memories of Hong Kong. Pilot Shop Hong Kong dedicated a series of die-cast airplane models and other carefully designed products to the aviation history of Hong Kong. As a Hong Kong company, we treat ourselves as a responsible local company and do our part to offer people in Hong Kong's aviation industry support, including staff discounts and support schemes for airline staff. Contact us for more information about our support schemes for airline staff.